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January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, I give to you not just one or two revamps, but rather a grand total of four revamped textures of mine!
Fawful, Midbus, Kafei and Anju!


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Vaati’s Rebirth

January 17, 2010 3 comments

In Minish Cap, as Vaati drains the Light Force from the petrified Princess Zelda, he is interrupted by Link. Vaati, who already has enough of the Light Force drained, transforms into a demonic sorcerrer, and attacks Link, thus beginning the first phase of the final boss battle.
This sorcerrer form is known as Vaati reborn.

Yep, a texture for Link. Please note the paintings on his face.

A version without the painted face. For those who prefer it this way.

Just as befor, click on the images for download links.

New version is up. This one has better work on Vaati’s face painting.

Blue face paintings.

(Just as before, click on the image for download.)

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The sun sets in Hyrule…

January 15, 2010 5 comments

And the night begins. Yes, even on Bridge Of Eldin. Well, especially on Bridge Of Eldin.
I present you: Nighttime Bridge Of Eldin.

Good Night.

(Click on the image for download.)

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None of my old textures..

January 9, 2010 3 comments

..but therefore three completly new! My latest three works: Realistic Green Hill Zone, Phantom King Ganon and our all nightmare in Brawls with items… Mr Resetti!

And now for the pictures:

Downloads are up!
Realistic Green Hill Zone
Phantom King Ganon

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January 6, 2010 4 comments

I’m Calamitas. From now on, I post my textures here as well.

…sorry, I won’t say anything else in this post. Just wait until my first texture, OK?

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